in collaboration with Erik Göngrich, since june 2020

MITKUNSTZENTRALEWorkshop for art and climate in public space Action-, discussion- and presentation series for the exploration of public space through art

The MITKUNSTZENTRALE is currently being built in the Haus der Materialisierung, part of the Haus der Statistik on Alexanderplatz. It is to become a place of encounter, exchange, jointly developed knowledge production and collection, sharpening of concepts, and cooperation on (climate-sensitive) artistic objects and spaces. An exemplary use is to be developed in a collectively developed space, which, together with a wood workshop, showroom, open-air oven, discourse and exhibition rooms, is now located in the Haus der Statistik and is to remain so for the future!

Current and former participants: Valeria Fahrenkrog (artist), Erik Göngrich (artist), Florian Göttke (artist & researcher), Susanne Schröder (cultural scientist), Pauline Henke (architect), Gary Hurst (artist), Luise Bartels (graphic designer), Aurelia Markwalder (graphic designer), Boris Joens (artist), Alexander Callsen (artist), Seraphina Lenz (artist), Marcela Moraga (artist), Dorothee Albrecht (artist), Daniela Spiegel (architecture historian), Christoph Franz (artist), Steffen Mau (sociologist), Secil Yersel (artist), Peter Schmidt (BooksPeoplePlaces), Andrew Plucinski (Haus der Materialisierung), Giulia Palladini (researcher & critical theorist), Simone Kellerhoff (MaterialMafia), Davide Moritz (BakingFutures)

1. Juli 2020