Walking through life in Berlin

What is typical Berlin? With this initial question we cordially invite to the Märkisches Museum to take a walk through the permanent exhibition „BerlinZeit“ and deal with this question and topics of everyday life. All experts of the city of Berlin are in invited to the open dialogue to make the city´s complexity visible. Supposedly invisible components and features of Berlin are increasingly being taken into account.

With interesting guests, we make Berlin’s diversity in everyday life a theme in the exhibition BerlinZEIT.

Guests: Katja Oskamp, Seyda Kurt, Heiko Hobohm (faktura GmbH), Mathias Heyden, Laura Gehlhaar, Olivier Witzkewitz, Hauke Ebert, Zora Gallenberger, Christiane ten Hoevel

Dates 2019
05.05. + 19.05. + 02.06. + 16.06. + 30.06. + 08.09. + 22.09. + 13.10. + 27.10

Am Köllnischen Park 5 | 10179 Berlin

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5. Mai 2019