Images: Erik Göngrich
MITKUNSTZENTRALE & Guests (Valeria Fahrenkrog, Erik Göngrich, Kalte Butter e.V., Kunststoffe e.V., Material Mafia/Simone Kellerhoff, Andrew Plucinski, Seçil Yersel)
„Gästezimmer des Materials“ was part f the exhibition „The New Normal“ at Haus der Statistik, Berlin, 2020

In the „Gästezimmer des Materials“, we implemented a collaborative spatial installation of the same name, which emerged from the joint, discursive work on material cycles from the Haus der Materialisierung (Haus der Statistik). We brought together architectural conditions, a selection of materials, and text fragments to create a dialogue around the question of how sustainable artistic production is possible.

Materials used in the exhibition: A3 file folder, aluminum plate, aluminum rail, aluminum rods, aluminum pots, anti-vibration mat, concrete demolition, beech, brush, binding fabric, electric cable, paint, paint pot, florist foam, photo print on MDF board, scaffolding rods and their connectors, jute fabric, rubber pressure mats, hot plate, plastic tape, copper rod, wooden plank painted, wooden plank natural, wooden slats, wooden parquet, wooden rings, MDF coated, metal rails, metal rods, miso fermentation glass, paper, paving stones, plastic mat, plexiglass, pressboard, PVC tarpaulin, PVC pipe, rustic wooden furniture feet, OSB board, shelves, shelf wall perforated plate yellow, velvet, silk-screen printing plate, steel pipe, wallpaper rolls, clay, square posts, honeycomb plastic, honeycomb cardboard, thermal insulation boards, sausage string, bricks